Currently Brewing:


‘Triple Hopped Blonde’
4% blonde beer for the spring, rich evening sun gold in colour with Casade hops on the nose, Progress on the bitterness and a touch of Pioneer in the middle. A great transatlantic hop mix for the spring.

Theory 285 ‘Extra Pale Ale’ 3.8%
This is a replicant beer inspired by other beers on the market. very pale in colour and with light fruit hop character. Its only a trial batch at the minute. Lets see what people think and it may come back. Got to test a theory first!

Limited Release Beers

BlackBar Bitter
‘Standing Talking Beer’ 3.6%
a malty tawny brown bitter with a noble hop finish.

Old Brown Porter’4%
This porter was brewed for the Maypole pub. That had requested a ¬†’porter’ for there beer festival which runs along side the Cambridge Beer Festival every year. So after a lot of reading and some wondering in the malt store i came up with this malty session porter.

IPA Noire
‘British Hopped Black IPA’
5% black IPA. Yes more black beer this time, it is a big hoppy, bitter black Indian Pale Ale. Brewed with only British Admiral, Beta and Pioneer hops.

‘Knife and Fork Stout’
5.5% bog black stout. This was a brew i did on the request of my CAMRA B.L.O, who was wanting a stout. I was decided a big full bodied dry stout was the aim. This beer starts with full malt flavours, runs though a hint of malty sweetness and finishes with a long dry, rye and tea finish. Bottom line its a big stout!

Black Economy
‘Hopped Black Ale’
4.6% our black ale, no it’s not a stout or a porter. Its an ale that is black¬†and for drinking when a blonde just doesn’t cut it.

Long Hair BPA
Well Hopped Ale
6.2% A light copper hued beer with a big nose of Summit hops and a bittering from British Admiral and Pioneer hops. Full of zesty, effervescent flavours and a great body. ‘Dom’ good beer if i say so my self.